House & Minor

In collaboration with Sentinel Homes North & West Auckland this architectural masterpiece seamlessly blends modern design with functional elegance, creating a stunning residence and a minor dwelling that redefine luxury living. The focal point of this dwelling is undoubtedly the breathtaking views that have been carefully considered in the design process. Expansive windows and thoughtful positioning ensure that the occupants are treated to panoramic vistas that become an integral part of their daily living experience.
The heart of the home is the entertainer's kitchen, a space where culinary artistry meets social engagement. This kitchen is not just a utilitarian space; it's a hub for gathering, equipped with high-end appliances and an open layout that fosters a sense of connection. Architectural stairs, a standout feature, serve as both a functional element and a visual spectacle, contributing to the overall grandeur of the design.
The exterior showcases a harmonious blend of aesthetics and durability, with standing seam cladding providing a sleek and weather-resistant finish. Covered porticos extend the living spaces outdoors, offering sheltered areas for relaxation and socializing. Raking ceilings introduce a dynamic element to the interior, creating a sense of openness and sophistication.
A luxurious touch is added with the inclusion of a swimming pool, seamlessly integrated into the landscape. This outdoor oasis invites residents to unwind and enjoy leisure time in a resort-like setting. The emphasis on indoor-outdoor flow is evident throughout the design, with large glass elements facilitating a connection to nature while filling the interior with abundant natural light.
Gulf Harbour


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