Multi Unit Designer

The Mt Albert development is a prime example of how to maximize the potential of a small space while still providing luxurious and functional living spaces. The eight units, designed by the team at LAS, feature modern clean lines and private courtyards, perfect for enjoying the serenity of the surrounding area. Each unit boasts a garage, providing secure parking for residents.

The terraced housing design allows for ample natural light to flood the living spaces on the ground floor, while the four bedrooms upstairs offer privacy and a warm, dry living environment. The landscaping has been thoughtfully designed to complement the architecture and provide a lush green environment for residents to enjoy.

This development is a shining example of how to create high-quality, functional homes that are both beautiful and practical. If you're interested in developing your own property, don't hesitate to contact LAS at 0800 527 337 to discuss your options. With their expertise and experience, you can be sure that your project will be in good hands.


Mt Albert - Auckland


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