The Miller Nest Early Learning Centre

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This Child Care Centre started off as as existing residential property which the owners saw potential in from their first visit. From a tired house to a very modern childcare facility (ECE) in just over 12 months this was a very satisfying project to be involved in. As this was not a large corporate the clients had a clear budget set and our brief was to convert the house to a level that fitted that budget and make the centre a home away from home for the children. The final result being a fresh, modern looking centre that fits in well with it surrounding buildings while still having all the modern attributes of todays Child Care Centres. The joinery and glazing was replaced to ensure we met the strict Ministry of Education and Health board standards while maximising the available light and ventilation into the centre.  All designed to current MOE regulations we can say with confidence that these ECE centres will get licensing for the numbers they were designed for and in this case the ministry advised we were spot on. We back this up with the experience of having designed over 200 centres and having a variety of satisfied clients ranging from small business owners through to franchised child care centre (ECE) run brands.  

Miller Road - Mangere


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