Best Start Educare

The LAS team has designed a bespoke childcare centre located at 199 Beach Haven Road. The centre is compliant with regulations from the Ministry of Education and the Health Department, and can accommodate 124 children. The design features multiple internal play areas, a commercial kitchen, a large staff room and facilities, ample resource storage, a large reception/sign-in area, commercial laundry, and rooms with ample light and ventilation.

The centre also features floor-to-ceiling windows, Autex Vertiface acoustic solutions on the ceilings and walls, commercial carpets and vinyl, and exterior play areas with artificial grass, play structures, and paths for bikes. Additionally, the centre has children's toilets and partitions, kids troughs and art sinks, and a comfortable environment for both kids and staff. The modern exterior features vertical metal cladding and weatherboard cladding, and there is a large parking area for drop-off and pick-up. The LAS team has also completed resource consent and building consent plans and processing for the centre. They are experts in Early Childhood Education.

199 Beach Haven Road


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